About the Trust

Birmingham Children’s Trust is a company wholly owned by Birmingham City Council.

Doing things differently

We will be operationally independent of the Council.  This means we can do things differently, change how we organise services, change the systems and processes we follow; to be much more lean and agile.

Maintaining Focus

We are governed by an independent board of directors, all with expertise and experience in a range of fields that will help us to move forward.

As a Trust, we will make certain that the decisions we take, at the board and everywhere else, are properly informed by, and shared with, the staff in the service.

Making a Real Impact

We will be by far the largest Children’s Trust in the country.  Our size gives us great opportunities to make a real impact, and gives our staff great opportunities to develop their skills, progress their career and grow professionally within an organisation that is focused exclusively on improving the quality of practice to support families and on enabling our staff to be the best they can be.

It is an exciting time to be in Birmingham.  Come and join us.