Working in Birmingham

The vision of Birmingham Children’s Trust is in line with the overarching vision of the council itself;  the creation and maintenance of a fair, prosperous and democratic city for all residents.

We have made it our mission to ensure that we are constantly looking to improve the quality of life for Birmingham’s residents, especially when it comes to safeguarding the wellbeing of the most vulnerable among them.

This is achieved through collaborative working with the residents in order to fully understand their needs and shape the services accordingly.
We take a huge amount of pride in the achievements of the service in recent years and offer new recruits the opportunity to be part of an exciting future.
The commitment to the residents of Birmingham is something that is shared at all levels. Our passionate senior leadership team provide support and guidance throughout the service, ensuring that all of our employees feel fully equipped to carry out their very best work.

What is it like working at Birmingham Children’s Trust?


of staff are encouraged to reflect on practice during supervision.


of staff are very positive about feeling part of a team.


of staff are very positive about being able to raise case concerns with their managers.

Two Thirds

of staff say their workloads are manageable the majority of the time.


of staff agree they are encouraged to work openly and honestly with families.


of social workers agree their professional skills are utilized at work. This figure was 84% in 2016


of team managers agree they have the skills needed to support their staff with stress at work.


of social workers are very positive about being encouraged to do training.

*Information from the Birmingham Children’s Trust Health Check Survey – conducted September 2018.